[MLB] The Show 17 Roblox Edition Has over 5 New Features!! Features Below.

[All New 9 Vs 9] Play Online against Your Favorite/Enemy Baseball team In a All new online Auto Script Mode. All new 9 inning Auto Scoreboard/Animations.

[My-Career] Play Your way up through the Minor League To The Major's!. All new Setting.

[The Feild] Play A Pickup Game Against Online players in a 5 inning Battle. Join Clubs, and Groups To become more Famous.

[FantasyLegends] Buy Packs/Cards To fit your teams needs. Play against Online Users And CPU.

[My GM] Own a Team, And Lead Your Team To The World Series!
[Teams] All 30 Teams+Legend Team Packs.

[Updates] New Dive & Catch Animations. We have Added A Bat Flip Button.
===================================================[Creator] BillHendricks/BxpeXDC

[Studio] EzraStudios

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