After so many updates, Make a Cake is now officially version 3.0! If it's been a while since you last played, you don't want to miss this whole new version of the game!

Welcome to Make a Cake! Grab a block of batter and take it through the stations in the factory to make your own unique cake. You can eat your cakes, share your cakes, feed them to the Giant Noob, or turn them into a pet! Save up your money to buy any of the goofy tools in the shop. Explore the giant factory and its many rooms including control rooms, the Research Facility, the Cake Museum, and the Cafe. But watch out! If you find yourself inside any of the machines in the factory, you will turn into cake. Now go explore the factory, find secrets, do quests, and have fun!

Game thumbnail and icon by @emma.a3232


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