Make a Cake finally has another big update! Here’s what we got for you:
-THREE new mini obbies!
-New research facility machines, including a Cake Monster Maker! 
-Updated the cake pets and you can now share cakes with them
-VIP servers are now 30R instead of 100R!
-11 new frostings!
-4 new toppings!
-New shop item!
-New badge!
-2 new songs!
-Other optimizations and bug fixes. 

I hope you enjoy the update! :-) 

If you have any suggestions for future updates, send me a pm! I love hearing your ideas for the game!

Welcome to Make a Cake: Back for Seconds! Select from dozens of toppings, frostings, effects, and much more to create a deliciously unique cake. Explore the giant cake factory and its many rooms for random perks, quests, and secrets. Have fun!

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