Welcome to the all new game, Once Upon a Time!
🏡This game was inspired by Camping and Piggy. Go check their games as well! 🏕️

-The game's concept is advanced. You will be brought into a main menu, and from there, you can click Play and you will be brought onto a menu. Know that a menu fits some people at once, so when it's full, you teleport. Next, you will be brought onto a story, and then you will be brought on to different challenges and maps. To get endings, you must complete each task how it is, or by choice. If you die on a map, you restart the map. If you finish the game correctly, you get an ending.-

🛍️Have an item in the shop that is also on the roblox catalog? Lucky you!, You do not have to buy the same item in the shop anymore!🛍️

😭 Tired of starting the whole game over and over? Buy my supplies in the shop! 😭

🛠️Built and scripted by me! 🛠️ 

Thanks for playing Once Upon A Time, please give it a like, follow and favorite, as it supports for more!

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