Fly & Skydive

VR Test plane, try the biplane at the spawn with VR controller left hand pitch/roll control.  Let me know in feedback or group how it works for you.

Biplane with physics based control surfaces.
Have fun doing aerobatics with smoke trails!
Make water takeoffs and landings with the Float plane down the hill from the FBO building.  Fly a helicopter, plane airship or balloon.

Cave tunnel runway.
Rescue your friends with the helicopter or float plane.

Skydive, FBO, Pilot Lounge

Toilet planes to fly, yep, that is a toilet with wings.
Piper Cherokee

Heightmap terrain import from real map data of Sedona Arizona. 

Vehicles: Biplane, Triplane, Float Plane, Helicopter, Jet Ski, Monster truck, toilet plane, Piper Cherokee, Hot Air Balloons, VR


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