👊 Welcome to Fighting Simulator! Bulk up, fight other players and master your combat techniques!

🚨 UPDATE 3.3:
- CODE "Holidays" FOR 5,000 COINS
- x2 Strength Gym is open
- Snowy map

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🎮 How to Play:
🔥 Train to become the strongest fighter!
👑 Sell your bulk for coins to purchase better jutsu!
โš”๏ธ Acquire mastery to unlock katanas and reach new levels of power!
🏆 Compete against your friends for spots on the leaderboards!

💪 More jutsu, DNA, mastery options, pets and boosts
🎩 Hats
โญ Fame zones and fame specific content

🚨 Shutdowns = UPDATES!
🛠๏ธ Developed by Frigitec, powered by Mega Drive

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