💨 Double-tap your jump button to Double Jump! (PC = Spacebar, Mobile = Jump Button, Xbox = 'A' Button)

- x1,000 Coins & Chi Weekend!
- NEW 'Cybernetic Legends Island' - has a 5x Sell area & new Chest!
- NEW 'Infinity Masters Pack' - contains the most OP pets to date!
- 56 NEW SWORDS! Few Ninjas ever dare to wield the almighty Masterblades! Will you?!
- NEW 'Shadowfire' ELEMENT!
- NEW Light & Dark Training Areas!
- New 'INFINITY-LORD' pet evolution! Combine 10 Ultra-Beasts to create an INFINITY-LORD! x10 Stats of an Ultra-Beasts! Only BEAST+ Tier pets can be evolved!
- NEW 'Skystorm' Pet Tier
- COMING SOON - 'Infinity Stats Dojo' opens next weekend! Watch the in-game countdown to be there on time!
- NEW 'Shadowfire Legends Crystal'
- Hide Other Pets is on automatically
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