(*Still under construction*)
Created in dedication of 'Clockwork' the Teapot master.
The one and only Teapot themed obstacle course on Roblox, guaranteed to be different than any other obby you visited before. 

- Requesting help to finish boss stage. (Scripting) msg. Profit and acknowledgment of your work will be noted where it is deserved. A percentage of game revenue can be transferred to your account, possibly with a ridiculous rip-off interest fee that Roblox takes 60%...

Tester's  - -  Norzone

-The majority of this game relies on the Roblox physics system to function.
-The reasons for splitting the game into 2 parts with 2 servers is to reduce lag while adding more detail that'll test my building experience.
- Please by all means, if you see a glitch or an error send me a message or make a comment below.

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