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Shout out to TDM for Playing my Game!

Become the next J.P Morgan and own a Bank! This tycoon features TONS of upgrades and purchases for you to become a millionaire! All while defending yourself from bank robbers!
- 6 Tycoons per game
- Simple to play
- Hours of fun
- Visit the Rostore to buy gamepasses and gear
*Note this game does NOT give you real Roblox currency including Robux/Tickets or any other items.
Please comment any issues that you have, or message TheMegaFunGames before disliking the game.

Latest Update:
- Fixed multiple conveyor bugs + redesigned coveyors.
- Added 2nd floor expansion to tycoon with more droppers.
- Added office and security system expansions.
- NEW: defend yourself from bank robbers

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