A combat game hastily put together by an inexperienced developer. Travel the world, engage in strange encounters, and find new secrets in this strange, chaotic realm.

- Enable shift lock if you can
- Press tab or click your name in the top right to close player menu
- Health bar is at the bottom of your screen
- Do the tutorial if you aren't sure how to play
- Join the group for double lemons (lemons can be turned into kills!) and a free character

Recent Updates :
- Buffed Sans and FellSans
- Added a new way to get to obamaworld
- Changed Car to 3000 kills
- Servers will now shutdown after running for longer than 12 hours
- Added clocks around the lobby that indicate how long the server has been running
- Fixed Ink!Sans
- Added honda civic
- Added a faster way to get to the Maurice badge
- Added a new obama room
- Revamped anti-husk measures
- Fixed the Error!Sans badge
- Added a way to get maurice
- Added "gods gift to grinds"

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