(Before you leave a dislike leave me a message with something that made you dislike the game and i will try to improve / or fix that thing / or add )

(As MTF You can't shoot Class-D in LCZ to prevent SpawnKilling)
(Stop asking for the gamepasses from the old game cause wubby301 was the owner of it now im continuing the game since wubby301 got banned)

// SCP: AB Team //
| wubby301 / Creator / All content including scripts, the thumbnails and icon (Sadly got terminated because people mass reported him for a sad reason now im the next target if i mess something up)
| Breakify (--) / Lead Developer / Level Design / Scripting
|--- lualeet / Scripting / GFX / Rooms
|---  iiSpeak_Lua / Developer / Scripting
Collaborators :
| Antoxa_13371 / Rooms / Meshes
| LonuxWolf / Collaborator / Game Icon
| 2dayhelpTheGamer / Collaborator / Rooms
| i_Redacted (Deibidd0) / Collaborator / Rooms

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