Find great different types of vehicles in this game. Experience real-life moments, and many more!

Update 29/6/19:

* Fixed tuner shop
* Fixed saving system
* Added Vehicle saving
* Added more music
* 2 new vehicles
* Removed codes

Update 28/6/19:

* Fixed saving for money.
* Changed tuner shop.
* Added chat system for console players.
* Add Tokyo police vehicle.
* More music put into place.
* Changed car chassis or suspension.

How to play?
[1] Pick a vehicle you wish to buy.
[2] Start driving to earn money to spend on other Vehicle's or Houses.

This game is still in development!

Types of vehicles: Drifting, Monster trucks, Normal and many more!

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I'm currently working on a new project for a next version to this check it out down below:

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