Welcome to Club Untold. Game under heavy development. Things might be removed or changed !

💡Have any great ideas? Join the media below and inspire the developers to add your ideas in the game! Anything can be added, from your custom dances, to even your Merch! 💡
 🎧 Listen to a various selection of songs, from Rock to Electro and even Nightcore or sad songs 🎧 
🎮 Built and designed to be available for all types of players. Soon VR and XBOX!🎮
🎉Party with your friends or meet random players across ROBLOX 🎉
💳No Pay 2 Win/Flex intends in the game's design💳
⚙️And many more coming soon!!⚙️

⚠️WARNING⚠️Game in Alpha access and being developed by Reinellex and AceSpanzi. Bugs and glitches may occur! Judge the game accordingly.


There are currently no running experiences.