Are you ready for the New World?
One Piece New World is on its way!

Official Game:

Hop in the game and get points for exclusive rewards!

The more you stay in the game - the more rewards you get when we release our Pre-Alpha!

Rewards Available:
7,200 - Starter pack
14,400‬ - Advanced Starter pack
28,800 - Free Family or Crew 
57,600‬ -  Free Lore Character
86,400‬ - Marksman Starter Pack
151,200 - A Free Perk Gamepass of your Choice
720,000 -  Free Exclusive Perk of your Choice
2,520,000‬ - Map for The Sightings of the Midnight Blade

The testing phases will release for Testers only on October 26th, 2019, though this date is subject to change, so check our server for more information!

Note: Buying this countdown does not qualify as buying the actual game, nor the ability to test it.

The New World is Coming.

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This game does not support Private Servers.


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