Clothes or something:

G to spawn a ball
V to do a basic serve
Spam T to sprint
Q/E to adjust power
F/R to set forward/backward
Click while on the ground to receive
3 to dive
1 to toggle between spiking and blocking when you jump
Click while jumping on spiking mode to spike
B to toggle between normal and stop sets

A substantial amount of the code used in the game is Kala's (WuShuheng's) work, so a large portion of the credit for this game goes to him.

Huge thanks to tommy2002 for numerous contributions to the code.
Maps built by drag_nxc, NexumSpectrum, and Voidnt.
Special thanks to User_Tom, Aced_T, Kno_ledge, tommy2002, Julez_X, and J7_C for animations used in this game.
Additional thanks to Antragic for finding funny ball meshes for me to use.

This is a sentence including the word Haikyuu so the game shows up on searches.

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