---------- !! IMPORTANT !! ----------

Shutdown? Shutdown = update!
Join the disk cord for updates and info! AsRD5cR
The game is in VERY early Alpha.

---------- !! LORE !! ----------
There was a stable world, all biomes connected to the Aether zone. Then one zone's chain broke, and the Aether zone moved, creating 2 unstable biomes. Twilight, being to close to Aether making fairy type monsters. And the corrupt creating corrupted monsters. The only 2 other inhabitants are the bocky's and tree monsters. Tree monsters have claimed the forest area, and the bocky's the chill zone. The bocky's wanted to expand though, so they invaded the other biomes. They already claimed 1 area in the forest zone making a few settlements, the rest is full with monsters. Now it is the task of the bockys to connect all the zones back together. Good luck, yellow bocky!

Scripting help by: Sougood
Placing/Planning help by: Read0ne and EmperorWoke
Game icons / thumbnail by: idkgirl226 (sofija

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