Welcome to Saber Simulator!

⚑ Train your character by swinging your sword and gathering strength. 
💪🏻 Use strength to fight other players. 
💰 Sell your strength for coins and upgrade your character in the shop. 
📈 Try to get to the top of the leaderboards!

Latest Update: [Update 33🎉]: v1.9991
- 5x CROWNS Event continues
- 5x Strength Event continues
- New Saber (Gavel)
- 1 new eye land
- 1 new Egg
- 2 new classes
More coming soon!

Easter Egg quest was removed, congrats to the 2,634,687 people who won the Saber Boss Egg!

Previous Update: 
- Pets now have levels! [Level them up by equipping them and swinging your saber, each level boosts your pets stats by +1%]

Updates every Friday at 10 PM PST!

Join the group HD Games. for an in-game reward:
💰 20% Extra Coins
⚑ Chat Tag
👑 Name Tag 

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