⛏️ Mineverse is an open world survival adventure sandbox game! ⛏️
🌎 Explore the world! 🌎
🗺️ Each new server has a different map! 🗺️
🗡️ Craft weapons, find ores! 🗡️

Creative mode releasing very soon!
How to play:
WASD to move
Hold left click to break blocks
E to open inventory
Right click to interact with blocks like doors
Space bar to jump
Cntrl to sprint
F to change view distance

The gameplay is similar to that of minecraft. Punch down a tree, convert the logs into wood, make sticks,tools etc.
Have fun!

🐞 Found any bugs? Report them in our community discard.
NOTICE: Report rule breakers/exploiters/admin abusers in our discard/group. 🐞

Latest update:
Added randomly occuring lava when you go mining

Thanks to wubby for the original
Game Brought To You By MentallyFaded/Baby Goth and brandonbratt
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