Welcome, stranger, to the headquarters of the First Robloxian Empire. Here you may see the power of the empire, which is made up of different clans who have joined our cause. If you wish to join your clan to us, just send a message to me, telling me your clan's name, the leader's name, and the names of all the people in the clan.
Also, if you want to become a special troop, you can see the names on the various doors to different departments. See my personal profile to see what you must do to become a special troop. 

If you are a stranger to the area, you are free to explore eveywhere except the private departments. But you are free to check out my office, the Atrium, or go and have some fun in the combat arena.
You can get the bedage inside the atrium

Oh, and btw, war has been declared. The Space Intersystem has declared war upon us. Be sure to hunt them down and destroy them!!!

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