Block Out. A game that is a completely physics based fighting game with lots of weapons that you can unlock during the game to destroy your enemies! 

Struggling? You can unlock abilities to upgrade your self to earn some advantages!

More coming soon!


- v0.7
    + Added bubble chat
    + Upgraded the lighting technology (FiB3)
    + Added Healing (Ability)
    + Added Flail (Weapon)
    - Removed support for tablet
    * Reduced Flintlock damage from 100 to 90
    * Increased required amount of points for Fire Enchant ability from 900p to 1000p
    * Increased required amount of points for x2 Attack Rate ability from 750p to 850p
    * Randomized player colours have been replaced with 15 preset colours that you can choose
    * Reworked some old code


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