The first official version of my legacy project, the Megalith. 
Armadyllian is one of the first people to send in a legitimate completion! GREAT JOB! Updated 03/04/2016. :)
*Super prizes for the first winners of the maze!* 
*CHECKPOINT SPAWNS! You wanna know if you're doing good? find a checkpoint! =)*
It was built brick by brick over the course of 3 years. The 3 years being because I'd grind a bit, then quit for months at the time... kind of like rage quitting...

The maze is 9 full baseplates large, amazingly intricate and sterling considering the conditions I made it under. There are of course, imperfections. Any major ones have been dealt with though, and they're simply aesthetic problems.

Currently someone is already working on a checkpoint system, and I thank everyone who supported me in making this over the past while. It wasn't easy! =)

I hope you guys enjoy, and to those that say this was a 'Scripted' maze... well, keep saying it. Those who've watched this maze dev

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