----Demo Game !----

-Game idea from BowTiedPony and his Game Undertale Survive Th...

----How to play ?----

-Human have Weapon's to Kill Monster like Sans,Papyrus,Chara...
-Monster's need to kill Human to get more LOVE And Coins

-Spawn In the Spawn There are a Shop for Human and timer of the game

-Temmie need to be touched by someone, and this someone will be Monster

-Coins ONLY Human can took Coins on the map

JoKerMante for scripting and apply the Game
BowTiedPony for Idea
Slowk_InfectionPerfe for some scripts, Gaster blaster aim
qwer for snowdin or spawn, UnderFell Sans, DustFell, UW Muffet, X!Frisk
pagman0 About classic Blaster and Bone throw
Huckters for Delta rune map
TheChikenLord Insanity Sans
Sousou272 WaterFall Map
AdrienPL2012 and Slowk for Gaster Blaster Mouse Position

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