Live as a dinosaur. Broken Classic Game


To all Friends... This place is totally messed up because of ROBLOX updates... i did try to fix it but it didn't work and is broken forever. If you have any ideas on fixing PM me and help... I'm not on much so I will not try to fix regualy as i have pretty much quit (Im staying on to help fix this game so you guys can enjoy it) Anyways..Peace. To all haters, this is an original roblox classic, which is why it is badly made if you like to say that, the thing is, i am keeping the morphs as they are, like i said, a classic game, but watch out for live as a dinosaur 2, coming soon. ENJOY! Experience roblox as it were originally... Hey there is 25 morphz now! LOOK FOR TWO MORE MORPHS HIDDEN IN THE MAP! ALSO THERE IS TWO VIP MORPHS TO TRY! The vip shirt link is this: Your getting out of morphs problems are OVER all you have to do, is go into a morph and you will be in the centre of the map!! :D Thank you ENJOY!

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