Welcome to Sonic Revolution: Alternate RP where your fun matters!



No god modding.
No being rude.
No asking for admin. (If you're lucky enough, you may get temporary moderator.)

Rules for admins:

No admin abusing.
No giving admin or higher to people you don't know. (If you want to give mod to someone, GIVE THEM TEMP MOD OR ASK PERMISSION FROM ME OR CAT.)
No giving free mod to everyone.
No using commands on all/others. (No teleporting all/others to you either.)
No using btools on the map unless necessary.


This was the sequel to an old famous game that sadly died. (Sonic Revolution: Crossover RP)

Be sure to check out cat! the original creator of the sonic revolution series AND the RP series!

VIP Servers

Price: 10 Play this game with friends and other people you invite.
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