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Current Codes: "Sub2MrBossG"

🚨NOTICE: This game is currently still in the beginning stages of development, please keep that in mind when encountering bugs / potential content (or the lack thereof).

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🍈Current Fruits: Invisible, Chop, Bomb, Fire, Magma, Light, Gravity, Tremor, Venom, Sand

❓General Info:
     • Max Level: 450
     • Demon Fruits and Haki Books spawn every 30-60 minutes (and despawn every 30 minutes)
     • Chests spawn every 1-2 minutes (and despawn every 45 seconds)
     • x2 Demon Fruit and Haki Book spawns on Friday - Sunday
     • To use commands type "!Code [CodeName]" in chat


There are currently no running experiences.