🅽🆄🅻🅻🆇🅸🅴🆃🆈 is a parallel universe. Something controls this universe. They are choosing the strongest players for the experiment. You must pass their trials. Almost everything in the game is randomized!

Isolator 2.
Prequel to Isolator or Experiment #0.

Built and scripted by Nullxiety.
Credits to mrflimflam, ruwuicai, CryoHellish, 8To_oT8.

Special thanks to y3_th, DerpyDervee, Enqrypted, socialclub2010, TwistedPandora, Speedy2662, jokerkid5895, Bad_B0y, ImLightArrow, alt, RansackedScarab, ToxicCooling, Lugia731 and you for your support!

Note: You can skip the code part by buying the "Decrypt The Codes" product. The game is possible. Do not give up.

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