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Ah yes, Lake Inferior. This old fishing spot used to be my favorite, at least a few hundred years ago. I wonder why people stopped coming here. 

--==Latest Update==--
* Temporary placeholder key
* Few new map details
* Voice Spatialization
* Added DataStore removal for console

Fishing and Exploring Update
* Even more bug fixes + slight changes
* Rewritten foraging system 
* Simple Animal Crossing Fishing  (Beta2) 🎣
* Fishing shop + New NPC 🐟
* More hidden lore
* Even more secrets
* Full water and AESTHETIC hidden cave

--==Future Roadmap==--
* Full lava dungeon
* NPC Dialogue
* Possible enemies
* PvE Fighting
* Inventory system (temporarily removed)
* Placeable items (EARLY alpha)
* More dungeons and secrets making this more than a Showcase.

Group Page:!/about
(Thanks for 200K+ visits, that's crazy!)
Made by HyperlyBola and TendTuna
Art by SilverStorm1364

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