Arena is an attempt to bring SFing games back to the good old days of 2010 where SFT was in the front page,by modernizing it by making it more dependent on skill rather than "who made the first swing".

Hit "Z" to "lockon" to player, enabling you to dodge or circle strafe around a player easier.
Alt + (A or D) to do a small dodge left or right, respectively
Space to jump(duh), or to do a wider dodge while locked on.
Hit "E" to use a power-up(Not yet fully implemented)
Hit "Q" to absorb a power-up, to regain health
Right-Mouse-Button + (W A S D) to "Block" upper,lower or side attacks, respectively, you do actually have aim at the person you are blocking though.

CERI(TDM)- A snowy map built for CQC 
Weapons: Firebrand,Icebrand,IIumina

Heights(TDM) - it's sword fights on the heights with a pretty skin, what can i say, why change what works?

Arena Von Ostereich(MultiTeam) - A homage to an old game I was fan of.

Backstabs do QUAD dam


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