Welcome to Ultimate Edition.
This game is not related to the official books, but instead a fan-game celebrating one of our favorite book series.

Will be free upon release. There is no official release date except the year of 2020.

UPDATE 0.8.0:
Interactions v1 [Herbs]
Added Trot Animation
Revamped footstep sounds and music for all areas
Patched Server Crashing / Lag Reduction Features
Added: Dual mask, downwards neck fur, rosettes, plumed tail, pointed upper muzzle, butterfly wing, folded ears

Created and Modeled by:
Vizavi -

Programmed by:
Pavalineox -

Avianfeather -
Bavelly -
rockscientist14 -
Icon by: wolfs442

This is an Animal RPG, Inspired by Warriors.

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