Tempoary oversoul. Be warned: Very Wonky

"Inspired" by Strife! 
Thumbnails by: Mashend2468, Jase_y and Aesura 
Lobby by: Jase_y and D3DS3C 
Class Icons by: Nihilismus Official 
Oversoul group: 
--Important info-- 
>Trello info is currently in a shout on the Tyrant Eye group ######## info is on the trello in the "Questions and Answers" card. 
>Skins only work for certain weapons. The skin button isn't broken. >Hold Q to view the leaderboard.
 --Recent Updates-- 
Nerfed many classes and buffed a few classes 
--Previous Updates--
 New lobby Shop release (Still in early stages) New classes have been released and are available in the shop! New thumbnails and icon a lot more stuff coming this summer! (Please expect a lot of bugs, they will be fixed!)

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