⛰️Rocky Mountain⛰️: This rocky mountain includes tall heights and dense forests but the town has uncovered ancient magical artefacts/ Builder: Its0tto
🏦Pristine City🏦: Walk underground or climb the contruction site- dont forget the building pipes can help you climb/ Builder: 81001

⚠️🔥Taggers must freeze everyone before the timer runs out!🏆💥

⚡️🛡️Use boosts to help you and your team reach victory, and upgrade your boosts with the cash you earn!💰💵

🛒Use crates to unlock cool items for your character!💎

🤑🤑Join this group to gain exclusive access to group perks! E.g DOUBLE FREE CRATE REWARD! 
^ Join to get the special group member chat text colour!😎

Support future development and game updates by giving the game a 'Thumbs up' 👍👍!!

📝Update Log:

(Art by: KxraDraws) (Maps by: ArcticCitadel) (Spanish Translations: DefaultVIII)

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