I've gotten a lot of questions about continuing this game into 2008 and beyond. The answer is... drumroll please... probably not! That is because I have always dreamed of remaking it with two priorities in mind:
1. Less messy
2. Provide information about 2007
If ONE DAY I end up remaking this game I will push to go past 2007. However at the moment it is unlikely, I'm busying myself with other video projects. Thank you for all the really nice feedback though it's awesome to hear it :)

Travel back to December 2006 in the ROBLOX Time Speeder! Watch as important ROBLOX events speed by, like the Spooky Building Contest, the ROBLOX Grand Melee, the making of Builders Club, and much much more! Currently the time speeder has caught up to the end of December 2007.

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