Hockey Hard Coded Overhaul Lobby

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Version Pre-Alpha  1.45


entirely new GK AI system and PG system with new animations
GK AI now have stamina and will be represented on your UI
GK AI reaction time and movement speed scales with stam
GK AI regain a little stam with timeouts and end of periods
GK AI have anticipations to find the side it feels you'll shoot on
GK PGs and AI now use AlignPosition
Added R Moves
E-tips and R-tips are now faster and instantaneous
Slapshots have less range

Scripts: TheKgroup
Jerseys: tgross25 and nitronyc
Arenas: SyndicatedShadows and many, many others.
Logo: Atomicanator
Lobby: andytraps+me
Goalies/Goalie Functions: MulletBoi
And special thanks to Baumz for the assets, and giving me tips on how to recreate his once glorious game.

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