1988... Nevada... Vultures Valley... 

This is a CONSPIRACY RP game, sure set in a small town, though it is not a town RP game, it is a game of mysteries, folk tales, local stories - simply conspiracy, any sort; companies, UFOs, MIB, Even talks of weird folk from cults or weird reptilian creatures...
Whatever It is, its not a town RP, its "Conspiracy RP", though town RP is always welcome due to its setting, we hope to resemble Media like X-Files, Stranger Things, Twin Peaks & Area 51, + Conspiracy Theories - we hope this is resembled in RP

(Story in dsxc)

Shutdowns = UPDATES

This Alpha 1.0 - Join Our Social Media Links to suggest locations & other features 
Nuclear Silo
Alien Tourist Shop
Dam worker house
Sherrifs Dept.
Homeless Shelter (WIP)
Gas station (WIP)
Area 51 Start (As border of the map)

And more coming soon!...

In Development 

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