UPDATE 2: loading the decal is more accurate now, it can now load all kinds of decal ids

📜 NEW POLICY FOR THE GAME: People who use this game as an advantage to hate, suppress, or to make fun of people who are suffering or have passed away will be blacklisted from the game (aka banned)

do the fabulous jojo poses with your friends! or just straight up unleash your anger on somebody (who isn't suffering or have passed away)! 
definitely not ###! (haha very funny isn't it roblox?)

Q: what inspired me to create this game? 
A: i took the ideas from TheNexusAvenger in his greenscreen meme games which were popular in 2016

Q: who else worked with me?
A: Scrufus and raumil99999, but most of the work is done by me

Q: where do i live? (nobody asked but whatever)
A: Bến Tre, Vietnam

Q: what do i use to animate?
A: moon animation suite plugin

more poses might come out in the future, give me ideas first :3

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