Please report bugs to me through twitter or group comments. If you have trouble loading give it a minute, it may just be your connection. This is still in testing so please be gentle. I'll be updating this daily with more content, features, and fixes.

Be sure to follow ScriptOnRoblox on Twitter for game codes and development updates.

Latest Update/Fixes:
-Leaving match 'Join Full' friend joining glitch
-Mobile compatibility
-Open Pandora's Box debounce
-Pandora's Box exploit
-Quick-open next box
-Experience re-balance

Next update plans:

-Add custom character icons
-Add Spear Gun, Bunderbuss, Scythe, Adle-Adle
-Sell items^
-Add bomber robot-dog
-New map

Special thanks to BloxyFists for the game Icon and Thumbnail.

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