Please note: This is intended to be a serious Ace Attorney roleplaying game. Please do not buy this game unless you are already familiar with the real Ace Attorney games, for we do not offer refunds.
Welcome to Blox Attorney: Remastered, an Ace Attorney court roleplay based on Joshuats's original game "Blox Attorney".

Join other players and partake in fierce battles of wits in the courtroom, just like in the Ace Attorney games! Fight against other players as the defense attorney, prosecutor, or an assistant, give ground-breaking testimony as a witness, or preside over the trial and give the final verdict as the judge!

New player, or is roleplaying not your cup of tea? Feel free to take one of many seats in the gallery to spectate the trial!

This game is currently a WORK-IN-PROGRESS! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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