Noobs vs Zombies: Revitalized is an attempt to remake "Noob VS Zombie 2.0" by SuperEvilAzmil. Most of what is in-game is nearly exact to the original game. 

This game is partially compatible with Mobile or Xbox, meaning that some weapons may work well and others may not on either Mobile or Xbox.

Original game:

This recreation, if requested by Super (or an employee from EAE), can and will be taken down.
I do not intend to profit off of this game.

Co created by Pixelblox505, J0hnLennonPlayz, Alicia, melder227, Gerald, and BreezyShad.
Gatazu scripting/models by Pokemonfan571
Various weapon models, and the Super Gatazu model, were created by lolcolmolbol_2
Game icon and thumbnails by Pixelblox505
New badge icons by skippy6465


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