Welcome to Super PvZ 🌱!

- Hello Plants! The game is current under rework, sorry for the lack of updates, we'll see you soon again..
thanks for all the support! 💚💜

🌱 Join Super PvZ fan group and Server for updates and announcements! 🧟‍♂️
Official Group Link:
Official Community Server Invite: 2UZyHgngmQ

We update the game at least once to fix bugs, expect bugs, shutdowns, and frequent updates! 😎
All gamepasses and sun prices might change.

Coming in the Future:
-More Plants
-More Worlds
-Big Events
-Hopefully bigger maps
-More different Zombies in the worlds

🔥 10 maps with over 150+ plants to unlock and more upcoming content in a future!! 🔥

This is just a fan-made game, we hope you can enjoy SPvZ! 🌲
Based off of Plants vs Zombies by PopCap. EA


There are currently no running experiences.