Welcome to ⚡️Speed Town⚡️,
Gain speed, buy new area's become faster, grind for diamonds, coins to get pets to fasten up the gameplay! try to become the #1 Player on the leader boards, challenge people in races!

🚨 Update Logs ⚡️

💥 Update 5 💥

Two more zones/maps at the end.
Eight more pets (Minecraft, Coool, Angelic, Devil, Coiny, Golden Wing, Pink Angel, Noob),
New pet shop GUI, makes it easier to buy what you want,
Races now give different rewards. It has a random chance of giving diamonds/speed if you win and how much it gives is random.
GUIs now say "Loading..." when it's loading instead of "nil".

💣 Note's: The game is in alpha so expect alot of bugs and glitches, don't abuse them and report them in the

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