Floating island showcase.

Type /e crossed or /e lay to use emotes. Unlock the ''Play for 5 minutes' badge. 

Enjoy your time looking around what this tiny island has to offer. The showcase is fairly tiny and is well optimized, making it compatible for even mobile devices.

Servers should be filled to up to 6 players, unless a friend joins you, or you join a friend. 4 slots will be reserved, but if you would like to hang out with a certain group of people, I advise purchasing a 10 Robux VIP server. I want to let players venture through different levels of the island, whether it be alone, or with friends, but unfortunately I can only choose one option. However the VIP servers will allow you to do just that.

Play time is tracked, so even if you leave the server, you can stay in the server for another 5 minutes and get the 'Play for 10 minutes' badge.


There are currently no running experiences.