Welcome to Comedy Club the place where you meet new people and find funny comedians and lots of original jokes. You can tell your jokes or just watch and enjoy.

If there's a player trolling, you can run the command /votekick name to kick them out of the lobby.

Change Log:
Made the Comedian Text smaller.
Added 2x Time Gamepass in newer servers.
More bug fixes.

Premium Benefits:
1.5x Daily login reward and 50 free throwables everyday.
5% Off in the shop!

2Hept - Scripting @2Hept
FouledAnchors - Building and Modeling  @FouledRBLX
TiredWizard - Art @FaIIenGhouI

⭐Special thanks to DevelopingRepo for his great contributions! 

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This experience does not support Private Servers.


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