-// Moderator note
Ever heard of Roblox's TOS and guidelines?
We'll start banning players who have been reported from the community for 'Inappropriate behavior or Exploiting', insoni isn't like this, be careful now *bruh*

-// About
This is basically just a waiting game.
You can call this the 'Insane asylum simulator / experience game'
There are a few events so you usually wait for something to happen.

-// Alek's note
This game blew out after the game's first release and because of you guys, i have been motivated to update the game once again and now InSOnI is version 3
This game may had to be revamped because of game issues.
It's also cool that there are Devs out there who have been inspired to make a game like InSOnI and make RP's lol.

-// Notice
Some servers can auto-lock themselves, which means you have to find another server in the server tabs, if its a connection issue then idk.

-// Emote list
/e laugh
/e head
/e lay
/e sit1
/e sit2
/e sit3

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