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This game has *Flashing Lights*
You can call this an "Insane asylum Simulator" and its basically just a waiting game.
There are a few events in this game but you would have to wait for them, that is the idea since there is an Escape Badge.
The amount of time you are going to be stuck in there is unknown. 1 hour? 3 hours? 8 hours? Good luck finding an answer. It's totally not generated, or is it? 
There is only one escape
There is no way to affect the timer
You should just wait patiently
Don't worry about it, it's nothing
Some servers can auto-lock themselves, so you should look for a different one to join in.
/e laugh -- Loop laughing
/e wave -- Lay down
/e cheer -- Sit
/e point -- Head bang
Game version: 2

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