Welcome in AquaIiana water park! Have fun with your friends and a lot of waterslides! Meet players and play with them!

Join our group on roblox! : 

📋Last update : Version 1.2.6
- The first water pistol of the parc is now here at the shop!
- New neon waterslide!
- New music
- New swim suit for girls
- The old blue waterslide is gone!
- Scripts optimisation
- New decorations (trees, leafs ...)
- New game! You can take a buoy attached to the boat
- The waterslide that goes under the swimming pool was redone
- Optimisation of the game
- VIP servers costs 10 robux instead of 100!🔐

Thank you so much for 300 millions visits! 💘💘💘
This game is in BETA so so bugs can be found

👷Creator: TheRevali

📣Server close = update


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