There is a bug in this game that deletes your data. Please be wary of this before playing the game. This issue will be fixed once it's updated.

Having a hard time beating Area 51? 
Join the PANDEMIC group and get 50 more health! (This may change in the future. Only for Area 51.)

This game is WIP and in ALPHA. Expect data wipes, bugs, and SHUTDOWNS!

Welcome to Zombie Stories! Enjoy various zombie themed co-op missions with your friends!

Stories available:
Area 51
Contamination (By CoderQwerty)

Everything in the game is subject to change. Maps are placeholders and will be remade in the future. Thanks for playing!

Play the WIP version here:

Send all feedback, issues, questions, and concerns to nomnom7007. This game isn't completely balanced yet, so let me hear your thoughts!

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