🎂 Introducing Birthday Party! 🎂

🎈 After receiving an invitation to your friend's birthday party, you decide to attend it. Taking place on a saturday night, there's no curfew meaning you can party all night long! I mean, let's be real, what can happen at an Arcade? 🎈

🎲 Inspired by SamsonXVI's "Camping" series. 🎲
Best played in first person with volume on.

Feel free to message the development team with any bugs or concerns!

❀️ Having trouble making it through the night? Buying some gamepasses can help you throughout the game!❀️

The bossfight was fully inspired by Michael M (Spathi on Roblox) on Youtube!

📜 Programmed by epicguab 📜
🔨 Built by epickorji, g_xbbyy, & cIefs 🔨
🎨 Icon & Thumbnail created by epickorji & zukiwi 🎨

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