Use Code SWEET for 2X Speed in-game (limited time!)
Use Code CREAM for $100,000 in-game!

Next Code at 35K Likes for DOUBLE CASH in-game!

NEXT UPDATE (Very soon!):
👨‍🌾Upgrade Workers to bring you more resources!
🌟New Rebirth Perks!

Choose a bakery to make dough, cut dough into donut shapes and bake them into donuts! Click and hold on wheat objects - to harvest wheat, rock objects - to mine iron ores - and click and hold on tree trunks to chop trees and collect wood. Expand your factory to make new kinds of donuts like chocolate peanuts flavoured, raspberry jelly, caramel fudge! 

💾 Auto save: your progress is saved automatically!

Please 👍Thumb Up and ⭐Favourite if you want updates like:
🏭New Donuts  (STARTED!)
🏝️👨‍🍳Create your OWN donuts!
🐹Adopt Pets and trade with other players
🎮Mini-games to earn Cash in-game and win rare items! 

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