MORDHAU is a melee game.

Reworking so we can actually parry stabs lol.

Left Mouse Button - Strike
Right Mouse Button - Parry
Mouse Wheel Forward - Stab
Q - Feint
X - Flourish
Left Control - Crouch

You can defend a strike or stab (attack) by parrying.
You can chamber a strike performing another strike, or a stab performing another stab. 
-Currently patching chambering issues.
You can morph from strike to stab or vicersa.
You can go straight from an attack to a parry.
Each attack is followed by an action cooldown. 

[Rules] (credits to 1nterna1_B0t)
No exploiting.
No abusing bugs.
No interrupting duels.
No spawnkilling.
Flourish to duel.

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


    There are currently no running games.