------------------Shingeki no Kyojin----------------
BASE OFF ANIME. More details look at tutorial area.
3DMG don't work = lag,  NOT BUG
Don't know Keys? Select grapple and press h.
Update: I think it should be fixed :/ The problem was "spawn location" not being registered as a spawn location when inserted. I blame roblox.

Don't PM me about Boss Health Regen/Increase. It is DIfficulty Scaling. Player Enter = more health. Player leave = less Health.

Friends get + 50 MaxHealth.
Join Group +50 MaxHealth

Guide (Not by me) :

Music by: Zephiya
Regarding any doubt about actual size and stuff, refer to the starting area. Everything is scaled to human height of  1.67m or  5 studs. Though some buildings should not be in trost, most buildings were built accurately according to scenes from the anime.

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